ESL: Beginner Level

  Beginner level ELL students often need intensive support

with learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Students

should practice saying and writing the uppercase and

lowercase letters of the alphabet nightly. 

Here are some activities to make their practice more engaging:

-Have students use colored sand or glitter in a paper plate to

write letters with their fingers.

-Have students use old buttons to form letters of the alphabet. 

-Glue cottonballs together to form textured letters for

students. Toothpicks and other crafts materials work great as


Here are links that have proven valuable in our classroom and

can be accessed from home:

Advanced Beginners try:

    Beginner level ELL students should also practice automatic

recognition of Dolch Words.  These are words students should

read quickly without sounding out.  Here are a list of Dolch 

sight words appropriate for beginner level ELL students.

Beginner Level Sight Words List:

a           down       is          no       will

am        for           it          said     with

are        go           little      she

but        hers        look       to 

can       help         not       what

    Beginner level ELL students should also practice

recognizing the days of the week and the months of the year.

Days of the Week:                                   Months of the Year:

Sunday                                                    January

Monday                                                    February

Tuesday                                                   March

Wednesday                                              April

Thursday                                                  May

Friday                                                      June         

Saturday                                                  July     




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